Monday, December 13, 2004

it is about supporting Israel which is violating the rights of non-Jews

"Ah! Judaphobia!"

Darleen, you are seriously lacking in mental ability if you can take my sentence and think that it means I have a phobia about Jews. You are deliberately or ignorantly engaged in ugly slandering of a person that does not have anything against Jews. What you are doing is wrong Darleen. Let me spell this out for you. If a person thinks the actions of OJ Simpson were wrong, it does not mean the person is a racist. This can't possibly be too difficult for you to grasp. Is it Darleen?

"Obsession with the State of Israel as the central rationale for Islamist terrorism, check."

Guy, what are you trying to pull? "as the central rational"?, Jeff, you clown, for MANY in the Middle East it is the central rationale! if you give a damn about the safety of Americans then you deal with the top reason why people in the Middle East object to US actions in the Middle East. Are you in denial or are you intentionally doing this? The rest of your post is such warped logic it is incredible. "double standards"? what kind of game is this? Could any wrong be addressed and ended if the perpetrators can jump up an down claiming they are being singled out? God, the racists running South Africa could have used people like you, attack those speaking out against South Africa right Jeff? South Africa apologists could have simply claimed that the critics were "anti-white".

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