Saturday, December 11, 2004

Over at the "oh that liberal media" website they are still going on about the display turkey. Apparently to the guys at the "oh that liberal media" website when an article described it as a "fake Thanksgiving turkey" that somehow was not simply a technical mistatement but an example of "liberal bais" I posted over there:

How is saying "fake Thanksgiving turkey" an example of a liberal bias?

It was an actual turkey but it was for show. I can see how a "just for show" turkey can end up getting reported as a "fake Thanksgiving turkey". The bottom line is it was not the real meal, it was just a symbol. I don't think what was reported was incredible and certainly not "liberal" Actually you could read it as a fake Thanksgiving turkey since it was actually a display turkey and not actually a meal turkey. Not that big of a deal, you can see how someone hearing that the turkey is not actually intended to be eaten by the troops could assume that it was no only a display but a fake. The was displays of food are in the windows of some restaurants in NYC. The bottom line is it should be pointed out that the troops did not get to eat that turkey. Not saying so gives the impression that the meal was more fancy than it actually was. Guys, you really think the story was "liberal" bias? Because the person wrote "fake" instead of "display", "show" or "example" turkey?
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