Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"You wrote, "First, I would to commend this person, for attempting to discuss these matters. That is unusual and commendable. "

Thank you.

You wrote, " Unless I am missing something, you are arguing that Osama Bin Laden is not motivated by hatred of America, but rather is opposed to policies of America."

Correct and some US officials are lying to us about why we are targeted. But the truth came out in a recent report: report-says-that-muslims-do-not-hate us because of our freedoms

You wrote, " If I follow what you are saying, your argument is that Bin Laden is correct to oppose these policies -- because you think they are wrong -- and that he is correct to use terrorism to combat the policies, because they are so evil."

No you are not following what I am saying at all.

My first point is I don't want to be lied to about why we are being attacked. I point out what the motives actaully are. Second, I do point out that the grievances are legitimate. But I do not and have never said that he is "correct to use terrorism"
I have never said this or anything close to it.
I have used the Nat Turner example as a way to make this crystal clear. I point Nat Turner's motives and explicitly state that Turner's terrorism was not justified. I explain it is an example of two wrongs, Slavery and Turner's terrorism.

Maybe these posts will clear things up:
read over my blog for more details: representativepress and webiste representativepress

I posted this on another blog:

" You guys seem incapable of admitting what the motives are. Incapable of understanding that motives does not mean justification. I painstakingly tried to spell that out for you. The US policy of slavery was wrong. AND the terrorist attacks by Nat Turner were wrong. I really think you guys live with such an absurd world view that you can't bring yourselves to admit this.

This thread started in reaction to the lies being told about why we were attacked. My position is that terrorism is wrong.

I think I see the problem with you guys. You guys are terrorists at heart and if you think you are wronged then you think terrorism is justified. I can see why you can't admit the US polices are wrong: In your simple minded world if a person reacts to a wrong then that reaction must be right. Is this the basic problem here? That you feel compelled to lie about why the 9/11 terrorists attacked because if they attacked because of a legitimate wrongs then in your minds the acts must be right. I think this is what is at the heart of your mental blocks. I thought that the Nat Turner example would spell that out but you guys REFUSE to be reasoned with. "

Even when the cause was stopping slavery, I do not believe that killing innocent civilians was justified

I agree. Don't fall into the trap of assuming that pointing out motives means you agree with the crime.
about Nat Turner:
"Nat Turner convinced several other blacks to engage in terrorism, killing dozens of whites. It would be dishonest not to admit the role slavery had in motivating these blacks to do what they did. It was an example of two wrongs" link

link 2

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