Friday, December 17, 2004

You wrote, i think it is quite naive of you to quote bin laden as if he was a truthful and insightful person. in fact it just makes me sad. if bin laden is one of the conspirators responsible for the WTC attacks, then his words should be taken with a large grain of salt.

This has nothing to do with trusting bin Laden.

"... the issues he raised doubtless have appeal to great masses of suffering people in the world.  That has nothing to do with trusting him.  Rather, with understanding his appeal, something entirely different, and a crucial difference for those who have a serious interested in reducing the threat of terror in the world, which is no joke." - Noam Chomsky Posted: Nov. 9, 2004

In 1831, terrorists killed Americans because of slavery. Would ending slavery have been "giving in to terrorism"?

can you answer that?

People who are serious about reducing the threat of terrorism will take an honest look at US foreign polices. Where immoral and unjust policies are identified decent people will demand that the policies be ended. Logical people will demand these policies be ended because doing so will dramatically reduce the threat we are facing because these policies are clearly motivating some people to acts of terrorism or violence.

You way of thinking means that we could have never have ended slavery.

Look at our history, see how off the wall wrong, how incredibly immoral and unjust US policies can be!! and look how Americans like you made excuse after excuse and goaded the public in continuing the policy of slavery.

when bin laden made his last public appearance, was he not trying to influence the outcome of our election???? wasn't that painfully obvious??

NO. the man is not a fool and Kerry was talking about INCREASING troops in Iraq and about continued support of Israel. so no, bin Laden was not endorsing Kerry. and it is vile that you and the Republicans exploited the bin Laden tape for political gain

the Zionist front group MEMRI pushed a bullshit translation in order to serve their agenda

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