Saturday, December 11, 2004

'Rumsfeld and Cheney began a concerted effort - first secretly and then openly - to undermine Nixon's treaty for peace and to rebuild the state of fear and, thus, reinstate the Cold War.'

'And these two men - 1974 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Ford Chief of Staff Dick Cheney - did this by claiming that the Soviets had secret weapons of mass destruction that the president didn't know about, that the CIA didn't know about, that nobody but them knew about. And, they said, because of those weapons, the US must redirect billions of dollars away from domestic programs and instead give the money to defense contractors for whom these two men would one day work.'

but but the reports said that Iraq had weapons you clowns cry. NO THEY DIDN'T, these assholes REMOVED key parts of the intelligence reports. "Nuances, qualifications and caveats were dropped" ( ) Meaning that it wasn't certain, but the motherfucker Donald Rumsfeld said he knew where the WMD were!

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