Sunday, June 26, 2005

discussions of the so called capitalist system

GOOD example someone posted:
3) I highly doubt France's high-speed train system is "economical"; more likely, France loses money on it. There is one thing, however, we can learn from France and that is to build more nuclear reactors.
I say:
Correct. But roads in the US aren't 'economical' either. The government 'loses' money on them to the tune of 80 Billion (Billion!) each year.
This is a thing many indoctrinated in the capitalist myth simply do not internalize. There are interests that use public money all the time. The thing we are sold over and over again is the "efficiency" of the private sector. The reality of how much public money is pumped into that to keep it afloat is beyond the comprehension of many Americans. And the truth is huge parts of the private sector simply could not work without the propping up of public money.

Costs are socialized, profits are privatized see Keeping the rich on welfare

you wrote, "Don't start sucking your own dick just yet. Capitalism is no myth. There is no free lunch in this world. The OP falsely claimed that France's trains were "economical"; you are free to claim that they need not be economical, but a price has to be paid for them, and it has."

You are really brainwashed. The point is that you are not counting all the costs when you look at the "capitalist" system. What you do is not count all the costs so you can deny top yourself that public money is propping up this or that system. And you are not counting the down side costs of pollution and traffic accidents. Are this costs figured into your efficiency model of car driving?

The person said the train was ec·o·nom·i·cal: Prudent and thrifty in management; not wasteful or extravagant.

This is true. You tried to say that you "doubt France's high-speed train system is "economical"; more likely, France loses money on it." but you missed the person's point that when you look at cars as transportation you leave out some of the costs. The person pointed out that our government "loses money" with the highways, you ignored that point. You must since you bought into the Capitalist myth. A true capitalist system collapses, what we have is state-capitalism with massive subsidies to the private sector and the government and the people bearing costs that you overlook.

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