Friday, June 17, 2005

The Downing Street Memo

The MSM is really reluctant to deal with the "Downing Street Memo," and some reporters go as far as saying Downing Street Memo Activists are "Wing Nuts," "Paranoid"
Read the article: "Los Angeles Times editorial page editor Michael Kinsley opted for sarcasm over serious discussion." (this is the newspaper you guys scream has a "liberal bias")

Read Kinsley's excuses! The MSM doesn't want to cover this story. Explain why the "liberal media" must be pushed so hard to cover this. And you guys never explained why the MSM worked so hard to sell the war.

"The "Downing Street Memo" drum beat is starting to echo outside the blogosphere. As media coverage ticks up, House Dems held a forum to demand more information from the White House on the decision to go to war. " -from AOL News Blogzone "Renewed War Debate Centers Around British Minutes" Why is it MSM must be pushed to cover this story? Why does it have to "tick up"? Why wasn't it big when it was uncovered, why has the MSM been dragging their feet? PDA Supports Conyers Hearing, Rally on Downing Street Memo Why are media talking heads talking nonsense to get out of covering it? Thy say crap like, "this is not new".
We heard about Clinton's oral sex over and over and over again. The story about how it is we were manipulated into starting a war with Iraq is a hell of a lot more important than oral sex.

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