Tuesday, June 14, 2005


You LIED when you said MSM reported that the CIA helped put the Ba'ath party into power in the first place. The media DID NOT REPORT THIS yet you claim that they did. You are so incredibly dishonest it is unreal. THAT is the problem.
This "everyone knows" crap is a typical way of playing things like that off. I wrote a reporter from Newsday and asked him when he was going to report that Bush's planned war on Iraq was illegal. He said "well, people know. When I say without UN authorization, people know" I pointed out that most people do not know! He thought about it and said OK, he would point it out explicitly in his next article. The next day I got an email form him saying that his editor would not let him.

We have a duty to keep our public officials from committing crimes agisnt humanity. The actions of the US are our responsibility, THAT is why a citizen must speak up and condemn actions that are wrong. The media covers for powerful interests. You are DELUSIONAL if you think crimes by foreigners are not condemned enough in popular culture. Truly delusional. The crimes are condemned all the time and those condemnations are used as a tactic to hide the crimes of US officials. What do I hope to accomplish? I hope people will finally admit that these crimes have happened and continue and that the media is covering for powerful interests and that we can stop these crimes. You said that the media informed the public about how the Ba'ath party got into power, YOU LIED. (and you never post proof of your claim, we are all waiting)

You are extremely ignorant of economics as it impacts average Americans. We have had a 30 year decline in real wages adjusted for inflation. Wages peaked in 1973! The real wages of working people have declined for 30 years and they fell again in 2004. Your ignorance is yet more proof that MSM is simply not performing as you assume, they are not making the general public aware of the situation.

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