Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jim, what part of this don't you understand? "If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control" , "you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime—Pol Pot or othersthat had no concern for human beings.
Americans have tortured to death some of the prisoners in other locations. Don't tell me that torture to death is "less" bad than every specific action done by others that had no concern for human beings. Maybe you are not aware of the horrible crimes including homicides because the MSM did such a poor job informing the public?
US Army says prison deaths are homicides
Iraqi, Afghan detainee cases documented
By Mark Mazzetti, Los Angeles Times  |  March 26, 2005
"WASHINGTON -- The Army has concluded that 27 of the detainees who died in US custody in Iraq or Afghanistan since 2002 were the victims of homicide or suspected homicide, military officials said in a report released yesterday.
The number is higher than Pentagon officials have previously acknowledged, and it indicates that criminal acts caused a significant portion of the dozens of prisoner deaths that occurred in US custody."
MSM basically suppressed these facts.
those that insist that the media is "liberal" simply do not know what doesn't get reported (and the biggest mouths ( Brent Bozell ) that insists that the media is "liberal" DENIED these facts on TV and then suppressed the info when he was made aware of it)

"offer therapy"?!? Karl Rove is a piece of garbage. ANd by the way, why do all you guys think it is OK for Bush and others to lie to us about why we are being attacked? Why is that OK with you?

Some idiot posts this: "NPR was wringing its hands the afternoon of 9-11, pondering the awful things we had done to the poor Arabs that they behaved so impolitely. "

"that they behaved so impolitely."? Don't be a smart ass, no one I heard said it was anything less than horrific. And just because something horrible has been done to us does not mean that the US policies in the Middle East are OK. can you guys get the concept of two wrongs into your head?

According to your guys logic, we should never have ended slavery since slaves carried out terrorist attacks against us. We could never ask if slavery was wrong since we suffered such horrible attacks.

Are you guys going to answer this or not?: why do all you guys think it is OK for Bush and others to lie to us about why we are being attacked.

And why do you think these foreign polices must be defended at all costs? Bush and others LIED TO US in order to serve special interests that want the foreign polices to continue, we owe them NOTHING.

"liberals" were not saying that we should "offer therapy" for the terrorists.

Why the hell do you put the word "understanding" in quotes? Another sleazy tactic of twisting the meaning of the word from knowing the facts into sympathizing with the tactic of killing civilians. You are a sleaze. Bush lied about why we were attacked, he said we were attacked because we are the "brightest beacon of freedom and opportunity" that is a lie! We were attacked because of polices that you admitted to. (many people don't even get to this step) So now we know it has do do with propping up oppressive regimes like Israel and other countries in the Middle East, why must we continue these policies? They are immoral, THAT IS WHY BUSH LIED ABOUT WHY WE WERE ATTACKED, because the policies are so wrong that he needed to pretend it wasn't really about them.

Another sleazy tactic is morphing the specific foreign policies into "America" itself. So when you don't like a specific policies, you are simply criticizing politicians or policy makers. When Idon't like specific policies I am, according to you, criticizing America itself. You are so manipulative it is unreal.

No one was saying we should offer therapy to the terrorists. Period.
and you didn't answer the question. Do you think Nat Turner's killings were justified?

Also, bin Laden is not waging a campaign "against everything the West represents". He is reacting to specific foreign policies which are indeed horrifically wrong. more importantly, the people carrying out the attacks are reacting to these polices.
"The man who conceived and directed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks he told his interrogators that although he had developed no special complaint about America in his years here, he [ Khalid Shaikh Mohammed ] felt strongly that U.S. support of Israel was wrong and could be corrected by attacking the United States,"
Denying this is typical.

So now I must go through explain why these policies are wrong because you are so ignorant that you don't know? IS that it? you don't know that discriminating against people because they are not Jewish is wrong? You don't know that ethnically cleansing hundreds of thousands of people because of their religion is wrong? You don't know that stealing people's land and killing and maiming people is wrong?

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