Sunday, June 12, 2005

No response? You guys can't deal with the facts. You really don't understand how mainstream media is behaving.
Even your "democracy" claim is a rewrite of the recent events. You absorb what you are expected to and you don't notice it contradicts the facts. The Bush administration was fighting against elections if you remember. (for God sakes guys, you like in an Orwellian world and you are totally unaware of it)
You seriously don't remember that the Bush team was resisting elections in Iraq?

"beneath the layers of encomia to the Bush administration’s commitment to Iraqi democracy lies the buried history of how the first free elections in Iraq’s modern history actually came to be. From the very start, the administration was determined to install its handpicked favorites in positions of power in Baghdad and to exclude Iraqis with broader public support." You don't remmeber that "the Bush administration found itself locked in a tenacious rearguard action to prevent democratic elections and ensure that political power would be wielded only by its trusted Iraqi lieutenants."? Defeated by Democracy Reported as triumph, Iraq elections were really Bush team’s nightmare

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