Thursday, May 11, 2006

American Mainstream Media

Unfortunately American mainstream media doesn't offer a forum for serious discussion and honest public discourse about U.S. support of Israel. Many things need to be discussed, for example what Israel actually is. When people talk about the destruction of Israel - if all the Jews and non-Jews in Israel lived totally equally, the way let's say hopefully like in America, that would be, by definition, the destruction of Israel.

There are a lot of facts that the media is simply not reporting.

Decent Jews, brave journalists, and honest doctors all attest to the fact that Israeli soldiers are deliberately killing and maiming children.

People don't know facts like this because the media "plays the game." This example shows how they do it: August 2005 I confronted a reporter named N.J. Burkett. I was in the lobby of WABC-TV in NY and I overheard a guy saying, "I just got back from Gaza!" gleefully to N.J. Burkett. I couldn't resist confronting these bastards. I walked over and I asked, "How come you never report that the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are illegal?" "Everyone knows the settlements are illegal," Burkett say to me. "No they don't," I said. Burkett says, "Sure, it is common knowledge just as there are 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights." Notice how pathetic Burkett's response is yet this is how these guys rationalize it.

Leigh Wolinsky posted a comment to my post with the same kind of game playing.

My response to her:

You claim you "feel for both sides" yet you have a tantrum when it is pointed out that one side's crimes go unreported. You ignored what my post actually said and you tried to discredit it by concocting a strawman argument. What you wrote was extremely offensive. How dare you claim that those who are honest about Israeli crimes are "disregarding" anything. Your claim is obnoxious since it is Israeli crimes that are routinely disregarded. If you think you can honestly dispute what I have written then try to do so, don't insult me with dishonest and manipulative posts.

Here is yet more evidence that shows mainstream media is not an honest forum: A new If Americans Knew Report Card reveals that Associated Press coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict significantly distorts reality, essentially over-reporting the number of Israelis killed in the conflict and underreporting the number of Palestinians killed. Another reports showed significantly distorted coverage with a bias for Israel by the news shows of ABC, CBS, and NBC as well as the The New York Times. Alison Weir has received deaths threats for attempting to get these facts out to the public.

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