Monday, May 29, 2006

dangerous game underway

"There is a dangerous game underway in the Middle East that could erupt at any point in the form of a devastating regional war if urgent diplomatic steps to head it off are not taken immediately. There are growing signs that Israel is pushing the United States to attack Iran's nuclear facilities partly by threatening (or bluffing) to attack itself and partly by using its leverage in Washington to pressure the U.S. Government to harden their stance on Iran's nuclear program." Israel, Iran, and the Future of the Middle East Professor Emeritus Richard Falk is one of the world's leading analysts of International politics. He is a member of JUST 's International Advisory Panel.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe if they stoped fucking like jackrabbits, the Palestinians could manage to bring up some sort of decent society.

But no. They have an excessive amount of children and raise them as weapons.

This will not stop until the Arabs allow their children to decide their own fate.