Monday, May 29, 2006

Occupation 101

Occupation 101

Unlike any other films ever produced on the conflict --- 'Occupation' explains the situation in a comprehensive manner and gives audiences a complete context in which to better understand the Israeli-Palestinian encounter. The film depicts the root causes of the conflict through Israeli, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, American, and Palestinian voices that are rarely ever heard through mainstream media outlets.


Anonymous said...

What a collection of Anti-Jewish drivel!!!! Reminds me of the great propaganda films of the Nazi era. Pictures of crying children as an indictment of the whole Zionist enterprise seems to be the very essence of biased journalism. Dr. Chomsky and friends know what they are doing just fine, can you spot the distortions and lies?

Just Some Guy said...

That to me sounds like a lazy defence. So to denounce some of the state of israels acts is to be anti-Jewish? Well i'm sorry it's not my fault fault the state and the faith seem to be closely tied to together. I am no more anti-jewish than i am anti-christian, anti-mueslim, anti-Hindu, anti-Sikh. As a non believer i am not concerned with your faith, i am concerned with actions. Some of the actions of the state of Israel are criminal.

I am not a lunatic, no holocaust denier or far right nutter. Millions of jews died during WW2 in a hideous manner, altough a religious state is aginast my own believes it is peoples business how they chooose to live their lifes so long as other people are not suffering as a consequence.

In Israel and Palestine people are suffering, the US and Israel could put a lot of that to an end. Will that stop the Arab communitys emnity of Israel and so on. Possibly not however deep rooted divisions and hate will not be fixed in any single generation.