Saturday, May 20, 2006

US and Israeli threat to attack Iran

US and Israeli threat to attack Iran

"Chomsky said that in 2004, the EU and Iran had reached an agreement to temporarily suspend its nuclear programme in return for a firm commitment on security issues in response to a credible US and Israeli threat to attack Iran. "

This was not reported,” said Chomsky. “Iran lived up to its side of the bargain but the EU, under US pressure abandoned its commitment. The preferred version in the West was that Iran broke the agreement.” Chomsky lecture

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Anonymous said...

Why are you pushing the anti-Israeli agenda so hard? Every other comment I see here refers to your own political motivations.

Not only that, but on the subject of Iran, how can you feel that the treatment towards them sofar is unjust? First we see their president making calls to "wipe Israel off the map" and now the world is stunned when the West no longer trusts them to have nuclear weapons.