Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dear Israel supporters

Dear Israel supporters,

When Israel infiltrated the Gaza border in a brazen raid on June 24th and kidnapped two civilians, did that give the Palestinians the right to do to Israel what Israel is doing to Lebanon? This incursion was the first into Gaza since the implementation of the Israeli Disengagement Plan in September 2005!

Israel has been killing and oppressing Palestinians the whole time. It is simply wrong to claim Hezbollah an Hamas "started the hostilities." You ignore Israel's constant intense repression; Israel's abductions; Israel's atrocities in Gaza and Israel's steady takeover of the West Bank.

You overlook or probably don't even know about Israel's abduction of TWO CIVILIANS, a doctor and his brother, from their home in Gaza on June24, the very day before the abduction of the Israeli soldier! Link

"It was the first time the Israeli army had re-entered the Gaza Strip, directly violating Palestinian control of the territory, since it supposedly left in August last year." That is newsworthy but the media has kept almost all Americans ignorant of this fact!

If you think Hezbollah 's capturing two Israeli SOLDIERS counts as "starting it" why doesn't Israel's crossing over the border into Gaza and kidnapping two civilians count as "starting it"? since that happened first! And that was much worse than going after a military target. Please watch this video about Lebanon Israel and Facts the Media Isn't Telling You

The kidnappings of the brothers was before the Israeli soldiers were captured and was on top of all the Israeli crimes against other civilians for example from June alone:

* Israeli mock air raids over Gaza were carried out to terrorize the population, firing missiles at uninhabited areas, including a playground, and flying low over densely populated civilian areas. (1-7 June)
* Israeli gunboats shot at Gaza's coast and wounded 2 Palestinian children playing on the beach (1 June)
* Israeli border positions fired artillery shells at Jabalya town, injuring two Palestinian children inside their homes, and at Um al-Nasser village, injuring a 48-year-old Palestinian man (3 June)
* An Israeli missile attack on a car carrying Palestinian militants kills two civilians (5 June)
* Israel fired artillery shells at 3 Palestinian attempting to enter Israel through the fence, killing two and injuring the third. Shrapnel killed a member of the Palestinian police and wounded another, together with 4 civilians, including a 5-year-old and 17-year-old children, and a 50-year-old man (7 June).
* Israel's shelled people enjoying their weekend on Gaza's beach, killing 8 Palestinian civilians including 7 members of the same family, and injuring a further 32 civilians including 13 children (9 June)
* Three Palestinian civilians were killed when Israel fired a missile at a car near Jabalya (9 June)
* An Israeli missile attack on a van driven by Palestinian militants on a busy Gazan highway killed eleven Palestinians including 2 children and 2 paramedics, and injured 30 Palestinians including a number of children (13 June)
* Israel opened fire at a funeral procession east of Jabalya, wounding three 15-year-old children following the procession (13 June)
* An Israeli missile attack on Palestinian militants missed its target and instead killed 3 children and wounded 13 civilians, including 7 children, aged 2, 5, 8, 9, 11, 11, and 16 (20 June)
* An Israeli missile attack that missed its target hit a family home and killed a Palestinian brother and his pregnant sister. The missile injured 11 others, including 7 children aged 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 14, and 14. Four civilians, including a 10-year-old child, were injured near the home. (21 June)
Source: PCHR Weekly Reports
see facts the media isn't telling you.

See the video: Lebanon Israel

And Shochu John quotes Juan Cole reader's comment: "Given the 15 or so deaths of Turkish soldiers and police at the hands of Kurd "terrorists" over the past few weeks - and the inability of the Government of Iraq to control these "terrorists" - I wonder if U.S. officials believe that Turkey has the right to defend itself by bombing the Baghdad airport, destroying bridges and roads in Iraq, and generally smashing the hell out of Kurdish territory. Probably not."

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