Friday, July 14, 2006

Once Again, Israeli Agenda More Important Than American Lives

Once Again, Israeli Agenda More Important Than American Lives

"The State Department estimated Thursday that there are about 25,000 Americans in Lebanon, and a spokeswoman said it could provide no information about when any of them can safely leave" To ensure the saftey of these Americans, Bush could tell Israel to back off but he isn't doing it. The Bush Administration cares more about allowing Israel to bombard Lebannon than he cares about the Americans trapped in Lebannon. "TA spokesman for the Lebanese Embassy in Washington spoke grimly of a possible escape, through Syria, along the road to Damascus. But few Americans seem likely to risk it, especially because Israelis were bombing it."- Metro families stranded as bombs strike Lebanon Dearborn man: 'We need to get out of here -- ASAP!' "Spokesman Sean McCormack says there aren't any reliable ways to leave. The incursion has closed Beirut's airport and fighting has made roads and ports unsafe."- State Department says Americans should consider leaving Lebanon

"As Conditions Permit"
US citizens have been instructed to assess their security situation and begin looking for opportunities to leave 'as conditions permit,' McCormack said." - Middle East News

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