Saturday, July 29, 2006

Israel Targets Red Cross Ambulances

"Even in a war which has turned the roads of south Lebanon into killing zones, Israel's rocket strike on two clearly marked Red Cross ambulances on Sunday night set a deadly new milestone." - Red Cross ambulances destroyed in Israeli air strike on rescue mission
Israel Targets Red Cross Ambulances
The roof of this ambulance was hit during an Israeli air strike, according to Lebanese Red Cross workers who shot the video from which this image was taken. Associated Press Photo

Photographs have emerged showing a Lebanese ambulance was bombed earlier this week even though the vehicle was clearly marked as an emergency vehicle. The photos show the roof of the ambulance smashed and pockmarked. Robert Fisk of the London Independent wrote that Israel’s missiles pierced the very centre of the red cross painted on the roof, raising speculation the pilots used the cross as a target. - Israel Bombs Infrastructure, Relief Trucks, Ambulance

"The Red Cross in Tyre said that five of its volunteers and three patients were wounded when Israeli aircraft attacked two ambulances on Sunday night. The attack took place near Qana when an ambulance from Tyre arrived to evacuate three patients from the border town of Tibnin.

The drivers said that two guided missiles were fired at each ambulance. Three patients - a woman, her son and grandson - were all re-injured, the son losing his leg to a direct hit from one of the kinetic-energy anti-tank missiles.

Ambulance drivers - until Sunday night the only people able to drive out into the killing zone - report that the roads around Tibnin are strewn with wrecked vehicles and uncollected bodies. The Red Cross has now been forced to abandon all attempts to rescue wounded from Tibnin." - Ambulances fired on by Israel, says Red Cross

Under Fire for 6 Hours, UN Peacekeepers Pleaded for Help Before Being Killed, UN Says

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