Monday, July 24, 2006

The US harbors terrorists.

The US harbors terrorists.

Orlando Boch was the "mastermind" of "the terrorist bombing of the Cuban airliner after take off from Barbados. All 73 lives on board were lost -- among them the Cuban fencing team, returning from a tournament abroad -- when a bomb exploded on board."

The US harbors him.

"Boch was responsible for thirty other acts of terrorism, according to the FBI. He was granted a presidental pardon in 1989 by the incoming Bush I administration after intence lobbying by Jeb Bush and South Florida Cuban-American leaders, overruling the Justice Department, which had found the conclusion "inescapable that it would be prejudicial to the public interest for the United States to provide a safe haven for Bosch [because] the security of this nation is affected by its ability to urge credibly other nations to refuse aid and shelter to terrorists." p87 Failed States

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