Sunday, July 23, 2006

Media Matters continues to play its game

Over at "Media Matters" it is the ongoing game of ignoring what the media is doing with regard to the Israel-Lebanon conflict. Their big concern is that Republicans, conservatives dominate network morning-show coverage of Israeli-Hezbollah conflict

But several people commenting show they know the deal:

West1 comments "Unfortunately, by not airing the Democrats, we are not missing out on hearing a different opinion of the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict."

"Yes, both parties are even more pro-Israeli agression than the Israelis themselves. What would the Democrats have said if they were on the shows?" writes funnymanpants.

"Sadly, however, the other commentators on this thread are correct: if more Democrats were featured on talk shows on Israel and Lebanon, they would simply echo (or perhaps try to outdo) the simplistic, one-sided, and hawkish sentiments of their Republican counterparts," writes syaqub8432.

redking75687 wrote, "Putting them on tv to tell us the same pro-Israel b.s. we've heard over and over again would be pointless."

I agree, it would be pointless for more Democrats to be on talking about Israel, we would just hear the same pro-Israel b.s. we've heard before. They sure as hell won't be teling us the news that has been surpressed like about "the first time the Israeli army had re-entered the Gaza Strip, directly violating Palestinian control of the territory, since it supposedly left in August last year." Israel crossed the border into Gaza and kidnapped two civilians. That was June 24th, the day before the Israeli soldier was captured.

sasami said, "It'd be interesting to see a Noam Chomsky or Normal Finkelstein on to discuss these things for a change. Or a more mainstream name, Ralph Nader."

I responded, "sasami, here you go: see Chomsky discussing Lebanon Israel Facts the Media Isn't Telling You. Noam Chomsky reveals facts like the abduction of the two Gaza civilians June 24, BEFORE the Israeli soldiers were captured. Watch this video and learn the background that the mainstream media doesn't report."

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