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(at what liberal media they think they found another example of "liberla media) I reply: What is "liberal" about the column? You think people should not be allowed to ask questions like these? Do you know that Douglas J. Feith was cherry picking inteligence and making his own inteligence estimates? (inteligence estimates are supposed to be done by the Inteligence services not by political hacks) Do you seriously contend that these guys were not pushing for the war? DO you seriousl contend that the war agaist Iraq was necessary or legal? Do you seriously contend that what is happening is not in Israel's interests and that things like a pipleline to Israel is for Israel and not what a majority of Iraqis would support. The media hasn't even told you about the Israeli pipleline talk have they? Have they?! READ:

Israeli Premier Ariel Sharon’s government "views the pipeline to Haifa as a ‘bonus’ the U.S. could give to Israel in return for its unequivocal support for the American-led campaign in Iraq," according to Haaretz.

On Sunday, August 24, Israeli National Infrastructure Minister Yosef Paritzky vowed to discuss the issue with the U.S. secretary of energy during his envisaged visit to Washington next month.

He asserted that the whole project depends on Jordan's consent, adding that the kingdom would receive a transit fee for allowing the oil to flow through its territory.

Note that he didn't say "the whole project depends on the Iraqi people's consent"

U.S. and Israeli policy makers don't plan on democracy for Iraq. (these facts are kept from the American public. The plans for this "bonus" have gone unreported. Reporters know what is "proper" to report and they know that facts like these should not be told to the American public)

"It won't be long when you will see Iraqi oil flowing to Haifa," Mr Netanyahu told a group of British investors in London. "It is just a matter of time until the pipeline is reconstituted and Iraqi oil will flow to the Mediterranean."
Note that Netanyahu does not say "It is a matter for the Iraqi people to decide" what he says is "It is just a matter of time". What is ignored is the the will of the Iraqi people, democracy for them is another crule joke.

Sharon writes,
We had a story last week saying that 380 tons of weapons that can be used in nuclear bombs was missing & that it was the Bush administration's fault (that story has since been refuted & the real number is more like 3). So, were there WMDs in Iraq or not?
And I think the people of Israel would argue that we put their interests above America's. It seems like it was only 4 years ago we had an American president pressing the Israelis to give the Palestinians everything they wanted (short of dismantling Israel), including sharing Jerusalem, but that wasn't enough for those nice Muslims who have always loved America.
And as for this "Iraqi people" deciding every decision in the country, I don't think the government in the U.S. asks "the American people" every time it makes a business deal either. But I'm not "disenfranchised."

So, were there WMDs in Iraq or not?

No for God sakes you guys are so ignorant it is increadible. There explosives are not what are termed "WMDs" which clearly meant nuclear, biological or chemical. Come on, do you pay atttention at all? Bush supporters are EXTREMLY IGNORANT (no one has explained to me why a supposedly "liberal media has refused to report these findings:) link

It seems like it was only 4 years ago we had an American president pressing the Israelis to give the Palestinians everything they wanted

WRONG and you think this because you are ignorant and the media helps make that happen: see FAIR LINK and Israel is seen correctly as a racist and oppressive country, most Arabs don't like it. How dare you play off what the Zionists are plotting with their pipeline as a "business deal". In America, the government SHOULD reflect the will of the people, you have a disgusting attitude about what this country is supposed to be.
These things need to be heard and there was NOTHING wrong with the article, you guys are really ridiculous.

ed writes Actually Tom is right Israel is a racist society. In fact Israel should immediately start treating the Israeli Arabs and Palestinians as well as the Jews are treated in Saudi Arabia. Oops, there are no Jews in Saudi Arabia. Make that as well as the Jews are treated in Oman or Jordan. Oops, there are no Jews there either. Maybe all the Jewish members of the Egyptian or Libyan Parliaments can help us out. Wait, no Parliaments or Jews in the govermenments in either of those countries.

disgusting ed, really disgusting. you are attempting to make excuses for a racist government by pointing to others? you are really a fanatic. So I guess white racists never had to feel guilty for their wrogns because they could always point to others. whay differance does it make how other countries behave? The KKK could have always pointed to Africa and bitch about their internal problems. What kind of freak are you that you think this excuses people that do such horrible wrongs against others.
Jew and non-Jews lived in Palestine for hundreds of years. It was when the Zionists moved in with a plan to ethnically cleanse and set up a descriminatory state that these wrongs started. ed, how about starting to act like a human being?
Clearly it is not what one would expect from an "ombudsman". If the Post wanted to publish this, the best place for it would have been the commentary or editorial page -- not under Getler's usual banner.

Sharon writes, You know, Tom, as stupid, repugnant and ridiculous as your posts are, I have never bothered to attack you personally. I am a Republican because I have looked at the immorality, gross twisting of the law and the ignorance shown by Democrats. You want to disagree, fine, but leave your rantings to some other site. The comment about WMDs was rhetorical. I know the difference between WMDs and explosives, but the materials that were supposedly taken could have been used in WMDs. Democrats constantly say there were NO WMDs, therefore we should have left Saddam alone to rape and kill his own people (oh, I guess that would have qualified as doing the will of the Iraqi ppl to you since Saddam got 90% of the vote there). As for your anti-Semetic crap...give me a BREAK. You think that pointing out the oppression by Arab states doesn't justify Israel protecting itself from its neighbors? Quit bitching about Israel being a country. It's been 60 years and the Israelis have won every single war brought to them by their "peace-loving" Arab neighbors. Palestinians are free to live in Israel if they don't want to go blow themselves up in markets and schools. I don't find that particularly oppressive. Your vitriol has gotten worse the closer the election comes. What a pathetic little man.

You know, Tom, as stupid, repugnant and ridiculous as your posts are, I have never bothered to attack you personally

Sharon, I am not going to dance around the fact that you are ignorant. I would like to add dishonest to that. You played a game that the explosives were "WMD".

The comment about WMDs was rhetorical

yes I realize that sweetheart, and you are being ignorant or deceptive.

As for your anti-Semetic crap

This has got to stop Sharon. I want you to apologize right now. HOW DARE YOU PULL THIS CRAP. all I did was point out the truth. You have proven yourself EXTREMELY ignorant (and that is being polite, you may actually know the facts and are being a devious liar)

To claim that Israel is above criticism because to criticize means someone is "anti-Semitic" is a tactic that is underhanded and disgusting.

Sharon writes, No Tom, I am not ignorant. You are a blowhard idiot who likes attacking people you disagree with. Neither am I a liar. You are anti-Semitic when you pull the crap you did, you bigot. You didn't pull out the truth. Other people have already refuted your "truth." You pulled out the same tired old BS you've pulled in every single thread you've posted on on this site. First you scream and holler about Vietnam, but you can't get anymore heat from that, so you move to a different entry, trying to spread your filth & hatred. Why don't you go find some other like-minded lying jerks to talk to instead of attacking people on this site? It's not "underhanded and disgusting" to call you anti-Semitic when you have accused the Israelis of ethnic cleansing and setting up a "descriminatory state" (get a dictionary while you are at it, idiot). Setting up a Jewish state was not "descriminatory." The Arabs are the ones who want the total annihilation of the Israelis. Thanks for making it crystal clear what a numbskull you really are. I love the way you attack me and call me stupid or a liar, when you are the one showing your total lack of intelligence and civility.

Sharon, you resort to the most dishonest and manipulative tactics you can. I am making it clear that what you are saying is just plain false. If you want to act like a two year old and claim doing this is "attacking" you, that is really pathetic. I thought it was you conservatives that argue all the sensitivity whining was supposed to be an affliction of liberals. It is not an "attack" to point out you are either ignorant or dishonest. Your statement on the WMD was manipulative or ignorant. You tried to play us for fools.

Now you are concocting what MY motives are for presenting information? Knock it off. You are using the most low life tactic of smearing people with very serious accusations in order to cover for your agenda. YES, Israel ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of people because they were not Jews The father of Zionism himself plotted to remove non-Jews from Palestine, he wrote about this in 1895. who they hell are you trying to fool by denying this? And if you set up a state that denies equal rights to people because they are not a certain religion, then that is discriminatory by definition. How brainwashed or fanatical are you that you can't see this basic fact? Setting up a state around a particular religion is certainly not the American way. It is blatantly unjust. The bottom line is that Zionists consider equal rights for non-Jews to be the "destruction" of Israel by definition. This is the ugly little fact that many in this country are blind to. America had a horrific system of slavery in its midst for DECADES, it was denial that allowed it to continue.

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