Sunday, November 14, 2004

Is terrorism wrong or not?
Kudlow was on Scarborough Country and when Israeli terrorist acts were mentioned, he claimed that it was taken "out of context".

Whn the terorism comitted by Jews is pointed out to Mr. Kudlow, he responds, " But some wars are just.  That‘s the point you are missing.  Some wars are fought on democratic principles.  That‘s the point you are missing. "

So terrroism is justified if Jews are doing it. (Kudlow simply lies when he claims that the Zionist cause was "fought on democratic principles". That is like saying slavery was based on the principle of freedom and equal rights.)

The Zionist agenda from day one was undemocratic. The father of Zionism plotted to ethnically cleanse hundreds of thousands of people because they were not the appropriate religion. He wanted "purity". Zionism is not simply Jews wanting to live somewhere, Zionism is an ugly system off discrimination that positions anyone no a Jews as a second class citizen. It is racist by definition. To these Zionists, Israel by definition means that Jews must dominate, it is plain and simple an ideology of Jewish supremacy.

We have come a long way in America an white supremacy is see for the ugly reality it is by many but there is a dirty underhanded tactic of labeling people who speak out against Zionism. They are called "anti-Semites". Notice Kudlow tries to be really slick when he says "And the kind of discussion that you are engaging in, which is present in your book and which is unfortunately present in some of your recent writings, comes dangerously close to anti-Semitism."
"Close to anti-semitism"? Would thinking OJ Simpson was guilty of a vicious double murder be close to an anti-black sentiment? No. And what Kudlow is doing is really devious.

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