Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Did you just accuse Jews reclaiming their property in a war Egypt and Syria started of being criminals?"

That is absolutely ridiculous. That people actaully spread such extreme falsification of history is absolutely ridiculous. "seriously misinformed" or intentionally lying, something is very wrong when you deny history and turn an Israeli attack into an Egyptian attack. To spread such outrageous lies is really shameful. "It is not even controversial that in 1967 Israel attacked Egypt. Jordan and Syria entered the conflict much as England and France went to war when Germany attacked their ally Poland in 1939. One might argue that the Israeli attack was legitimate, but to convert it into an Arab invasion is rather audacious -- or would be, if the practice were not routine." dd Notice too that a supposedly "liberal" media caters to the distorted version of History that Zionists prefer.

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