Thursday, November 11, 2004

Callimachus writes some more stupid bullshit at

Callimachus, are you putting us on or what? You can't comprehend what the article said? "Suspected arsonists set an Islamic elementary school on fire Tuesday amid a string of attacks following the killing of a Dutch filmmaker by an alleged Islamic extremist."
It is painfully obvious that the terrorism was in all likelihood motivated by the murder. What in God's name is with you and your mental block?

Notice that the article mentions possible motive in the first paragraph (when the terrorism is directed at Muslims), in the American media most articles and TV news reports never get around to mentioning motives when the terrorism is directed at Americans. How can you possibly not see this?

AGAIN this article is an example of two wrongs. Are you telling me you can't understand this? Does the murder of the Dutch filmmaker make the arson attacks OK? No. Does the attacks mean we can not condemn the murder of Theo Van Gogh? No, saying the murder of Van Gogh was wrong would not be "justifying" the attacks. (you REFUSE to see this when it comes to the 9/11 attacks)

Whoever is behind the attacks on a half-dozen Muslim sites most likely are putting your kind of thinking into action. You thought it was great for someone to say, "All three Abrahamic religions received his wrath, rightly or wrongly. But only one broke out the koummya and sliced his throat."
Guy, the Muslim religion did not slice a mans throat, an individual did. The people that set the fires probably viewed it the way you viewed the "great post" and felt motivated to attack the "only Abrahamic religion" that "broke out the koummya and sliced his throat" . You contribute to misery Callimachus.

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