Sunday, November 14, 2004

"If you want to continue the conversation, come over to LGF."

I suggest that if you do post over at LGF, don't expect any intelligent conversation. What happens is you are angrily attacked and then banned from posting when they can't respond to things they can't deal with.

"where I am violently active"

Whatever collection of political view points a person may consider or hold to be their own, people should not be issuing threats. This immature behavior throws up road blocks to debate and examination. I have seen it too many times. These guys are very quick to jump to playing victim of some "insult" and then they decide they have a right to refuse to respond or to threaten violence. This is as foolish as tolerating a debate participant to show up wearing brass knuckles and saying "he might" hit the other person. It really is a sign of anti-social primitive thinking. Another one of the non-thinkers is this guy "Callimachu" who says things like it was "anti-American" to have been against slavery. When he is proven wrong by a posted comment he simply deletes the comments.

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