Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"Secondly, you quote Ze'ev Schiff completely out of context, even for the Chomsky article it comes from. Even in Chomsky's context, it's clear that the problem is terrorists using human shields, not Israel aggression. Please find the original Schiff quote, and a link to the original source. It's your job to substantiate your research, not my job to track down every half-truth and semi-quote you manage to dig up.

No it was in context, you are lying. See Chomsky, Fateful Triangle p181. "In South Lebanon we struck the civilian population consciously, because they desserved it. ...the importance of Gur's remarks is the admission that the Israeli Army has always struck civilian populations, purposely and consciously. ...the Army, he said, has never distinguished civilian[from military] targets. ..[but] purposely attacked civilian targets even when Israeli settlements had not been struck."

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