Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Callimachu writes this about the latest bin Laden tape, "What the hell is he talking about? Or was this, too, something I missed by not seeing "F9/11?"

Are you kidding me? 9/11 is too serious for you to play games like this. It is extremely immature of you to try to link it to Moore's movie. What bin Laden said is crystal clear. You have a severe mental block about admitting what the motives were for 9/11. When I pointed out Nat Turner's motives and explicitly stated that Turner's terrorism was not justified you could not see the words right in front of you and assumed I had thought Turner's terrorism was justified. Two wrongs, get it? "aggressive foreign policies" are going to anger a lot of people and some of them will resort to violence. This cannot possibly be too difficult for you to grasp.

I pointed out to you that people like George Bush to Thomas Friedman are lying about the 9/11 motives. Bin Laden's latest tape once AGAIN says that Bush is lying. I showed you where Friedman outright lies by claiming that bin Laden never mentioned Palestine until after 9/11. (you can easily verify for yourself that bin Laden did indeed mention Palestine as early as 1996 and perhaps earlier) You so don't want to accept the truth that you edit out of my letter the part that exposes Friedman's lie. Also, I show you how George Tenet and others chop off the second part (the part that states the motives) from a key sentence from the 1998 fatwa when they quote it. link We were attacked because of the foreign policies, what is with you that you won't admit this? The attempt to exploit the bin Laden letter by claiming that al-Qeada is saying it would not target individual states of the United States is absurd. It shows the ridiculous lengths you and others are willing to go to deny and distort the facts. Clearly bin Laden means if a Nation State doesn't attack them they won't attack a particular Nation State. Do you realize just how ridiculous MEMRI and you are? All the game playing to avoid the main point that bin Laden makes about the real causes. And he mentions the 1982 Israeli terrorist assault on civilians. As Israeli military analyst Ze'ev Schiff summarized, "... the Israeli Army has always struck civilian populations, purposely and consciously" People in the Middle East live this reality and it leads to, as bin Laden has said, "reactions and reciprocal actions"

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