Friday, April 25, 2003

<< Do us a favor MediaRefrom, and be hoest to youself, you want the Jews wiped off the face of the earth, JUST ADMIT IT END AND THIS LITTLE GAME YOUR PLAYING >> ( AOL member Dbetter )

Aren't you ashamed of yourself for posting trash like this?

<< Let me repeat MediReform, COME CLEAN >> ( AOL member Dbetter )

What does it say about you that you resort to this sick tactic? So what you are saying is that you can no longer debate the facts and must resort to outrageous insinuations that anyone that demands equal and fair treatment of all people wants "the Jews wiped off the face of the earth"
This sick tactic is supposed to shield Israeli Jews from all criticisms? Have you no shame at all? What do you think people reading this think when you can't debate the facts and instead resort to such an ugly statement like that?

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