Saturday, April 26, 2003

<< Could someone tell me where it is morally right to attack a country for being arrogant? >>

the terrorism is a result of some people trying to stop the US foreign policies from preventing them form self determination. THAT is what the motives for 9/11 were, an attempt to force US policy makers to stop interfering in the affairs of the Middle East. How? Doing things like installing the Baath part, installing the Shah. Yes, when the US does things like that, helping kill people that want to exercise their political rights, people get angry.
There was the election in Algeria that gets over turned because the powers that be don't like what the people voted for. These are examples of the US and Western powers undermining and preventing self determination for the people of the Middle East.
You can see that the preferred kind of ruler is either an undemocratic king or undemocratic dictator.
There has not been a commitment to democracy in the Middle East. In fact, the US undermines it. We are a people that fought to free ourselves from a king yet we continue to impose kings and undemocratic monarchies on the people of the Middle East. Look at Kuwait, a chance to let there be democracy in 1991? Nah, the Western powers are happy with the profits they make with the undemocratic arrangement so that after the Gulf War back goes in the monarchy. Kuwait is a very good example of how there is no commitment to democracy for the Middle East on the part of the US.
After the Gulf War, there was the opportunity for the Kuwaitis to have democracy but the US and Western powers had no use for it. Back in goes the monarchy. Back to the money flowing to the West and the hell with the common man in Kuwait.

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