Wednesday, April 30, 2003

IndpendntThinkr, it is their country. When the people made it clear they didn't want us in the school, the DECENT thing to do is get out of the school. Of course that isn't done and of course you can't see that as wrong. If you take the time to research the story you find the troops asking "can we shoot sarge?' there was no urgency, and no necessity to shoot. You now are using the Baath party's actions as an excuse for US actions? How low are you going to sink? It is their country but of course you have this idea in your head that we are the heroes running in to rescue them. The media pushes this idea into your eager brain by a NEWS BLACKOUT on reporting the fact that the US was responsible for putting the Baath party into power in the first place. That the US handed over the names of hundreds of intellectuals for the Baath party to kill. The media withholds it and the result is most Americans are ignorant of it. It means nothing that in theory that people "could" get these facts if they knew enough not to trust mainstream media. Put how is the average person going to know this? Why would it ever occur to them that mainstream media is EXTREMELY manipulative and BIASED in the direction of the owners and their customers (the ADVERTISERS). The viewers are the product.

The most extreme thing is the way I imagine many newspapers at the time of slavery skipped along without a hint that an ENORMOUS WRONG was being committed. Slavery was a business arrangement that far to many people didn't have the guts to speak out against. The US is responsible for horrific wrongs, including backing Saddam and FUNDING the radical extremist Islamic fundamentalists like bin Laden. Doing a sick thing like attacking the progressive government of Afghanistan in order to give the Soviets a hard time is DISGUSTING and CRIMINALLY wrong. (terrorism is fine to some of the businessmen who dictate US foreign policy)
A sign that the media is MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE is that not a single reporter reported that Bush lied about why America was targeted. The effect of the lie of course is to fool the public into thinking there is nothing that needs to be changed as far as the foreign policies. The fact is there are many things that are seriously wrong. It is on par with the game the media played during slavery. It is sick for them to play along with Bush's lie. 3,000 people are killed on 9/11 and this son of a bitch had the balls to lie to America about why we were attacked!!? The licenses of the networks must be revoked immediately for such a violation of their OBLIGATION to broadcast in the public good. It is not in the public good to play along with Bush's lie in order to keep these foreign policies going. It is in the interests of the greedy power players who profit from the current arraignment and who own and fund the network news.
When they talk about "democratization" for Iraq there is not a hint of skepticism. (the media supposedly is in an adversarial role to the government if you are to believe the MYTH!!) But the fact is our government is in the pocket of the rich and powerful and the media are owned and ARE the rich and powerful. I have not seen a single report that even questioned the idea that the government would actually be setting up a real democracy in Iraq! ALL mainstream media has played along with this while IGNORING 50 years of evidence that shows that US foreign policies have UNDERMINED democracies. This takes work, for the reporters in these news rooms not to know the facts about the last 50 years of Middle East manipulation takes work. That is why the reporters you see on the news have their jobs, because they are willing to play along with something as off the wall as this. You can see the history if you look into it. Mainstream media goes out of its way NOT TO LOOK into it. Knowledge is power and the powerful don't want certain facts known by the general public. The business arrangements that result in the news you see at night function to keep most of these facts from the public.

"while the US public has a moral responsibility to monitor its government's actions, quite often only those who undertake or have access to independent research are in a position to act in a sensible and informed manner, a serious departure from functioning democracy." -Noam Chomsky
the fact is that country after country in the Middle East, the US foreign polices have been over the top corrupt because corrupt businessmen have made it that way. These are powerful players and the media plays along. The CIA plays along. LOOK at what the CIA says (see their web site) for Iran's history. They had to ignore over 30 years of history because of the horrible crimes committed in the name of the US. (the media has not made the public aware of this CIA's 1953 crime against democracy) "In Iran in the early 1950's the CIA, under President Eisenhower's instructions, helped overthrow the Mossadeg government and re-install the Shah. Given what's happened in Iran since 1979, Mossadeg looks pretty good by comparison. In retrospect it would have probably been a better idea to let Iran take its own course then -- there might not be so much resentment against the U.S. there now if we had kept our hands off."- Mr. James Woolsey, former director of the CIA Online NewsHour Forum: American Foreign Policy É
(for those that can't believe we do these kinds of things) I still get people REFUSING to believe we backed the coup to put the BAATH party into power.(becasue they didn't see it reported on TV) Considering how the media has been covering the topic of Iraq intensively for over half a year, this is criminal.The CIA and Saddam. With 50 years of history showing the US has undermined democracy, it is off the wall for reporters to be talking in a way that takes the governments claims at face value!! A "liberal" media just accepts the premise that the decision makers actually want to set up a democracy in Iraq???? Come on, wake the hell up guys. The media serves the interests of powerful men who profit from manipulating the Middle East and they don't want that changed. Reporters are selected who will play the game either out of ignorance or because of a corrupt cynical attitude that rationalizes not telling the public these things. Think about it, given what the history has been HOW THE HELL can reporters state that Bush plans to set up a democracy in Iraq without pointing out that it would be a DRAMATIC departure from what the US has done in the Middle East fro the last 50 years. (including Afghanistan! and that is very recent!!) if the plan of "establishing democracy" was actually true (They accept the premise without question) one of the first questions is why the departure from US foreign policy of undermining democracy. NOT A SINGLE reporters has asked this. (they are supposed to be "liberal"? Give me a freakin brake!) If a guy has a long history of decades of molesting children and one day makes an announcement that he is opening a daycare center, it is criminal not to point out his history.

<< Funny, the actions of our military offend you more than the acts of a dictator and his thugs >>
Funny that you cannot see or acknowledge that the actions of this dictator and the US have been ONE AND THE SAME for years. You make this statement without a hint of irony!! the acts of this dictator and those of our militray were one in the same as we waged a war of agression on Iran and assisted in the gassing of human beings. The US was hand in hand with Saddam, helping him carry out some his worst crimes, like using gas on Iranians!! It takes brainwashing to consider Saddam's actions the height of evil yet when the US HELPED him carry out actions you cannot bring yourself to condemn it. I condemn all of Saddam's evil acts AND the evil acts of the US WHICH INCLUDES some of the SAME!! the SAME ACT. We shot down a civilian airplane and Bush Sr. said "I will never apologize, I don't care what the facts are"!!! For the media to sit by as dozens of dishonest people repeatedly listed Saddam's crimes WITHOUT making note of the US's role and response to many of them is criminally manipulative, NO WONDER SO MANY AMERICANS ARE CLUELESS, THE MEDIA IS SO TOTALLY CORRUPT, WHAT OTHER IDEA COULD THEY HAVE?? many people hate the US for supporting Saddam, the us doesn't give American viewers a hint about htis. bin LAden has complaied about our support of Saddam, the media never reported this interesting fact.
No, it doesn't help that they "could" find out the truth. It doesn't occur to many people (as evidenced here in this forum) that the media would be doing these manipulatively sick things.
I just saw Tom Brokaw (now is HE a liberal to you nuts?) stand there as Bush said "what Arafat did to Clinton" What the hell does Bush think Arafat did to Clinton? Brokaw doesn't ask!!!

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