Friday, April 25, 2003

<< I don't own a Dixie Chicks album and yes, we are entitled to free speech in this country, >>

OK then don't talk about punishing people for having an opinion.

<< And the people who have boycotted their albums also have the right to refuse to buy their albums. What's so difficult to understand about that??

That's the thing about rights, you have a right to be an ass. The insistence that people remain quiet about their beliefs otherwise you will hurt them financially is SICK. You are playing a game by pretending that I said people don't "have the right" to not buy their albums. I never said that. But if you want to live as a decent person that understands the principles this country is built on, they you should accept that people will say things you don't agree with. Attempting to silence them by making them wary of voicing an opinion is sick. What is hard to understand about that?