Wednesday, April 30, 2003

<< You appear have a slanted view of America and US foreign policies. >>
<< But let's put that aside for a moment. >>

How about let's deal with it. I quote from ex-CIA director who admits the US put the Shah h in power in Iran. Notice the CIA deletes 30 years of history about this! " Known as Persia until 1935, Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling shah was forced into exile. Conservative clerical forces subsequently crushed westernizing liberal elements. Militant Iranian students seized the US Embassy in Tehran on 4 November 1979 and held it until 20 January 1981." CIA - The World Factbook 2002 -- Iran Now look at mainstream media no mention either.
You miss the whole point about government and control. If you have very powerful corporations controlling the news and selecting it, you cannot have democracy. If the people are no involved and don't have a say in what the selections of what is "news" then you have a slanted news that is not representative of the people. In America far too few people can even imagine that mainstream media is not on the level. In the USSR, a huge percentage of people did seek out foreign sources of info because they realized they were not getting the whole story. In America, far too many people THINK they understand how this system works. It doesn't occur to them to seek out alternative sources. Israel is a dramatic example. The votes in the UN have been 181 to 2, 175 to 2 and so on. Vote after vote after vote. Are ALL the countries in the UN wrong? The fact is they see something that the American public doesn't see. They know about the racism and discrimination that goes unreported here in America. Now as a news source you have to use logic. I never said that all media tells lies all the time. Or that the US media lies and foreign media tells the truth. The point is all have biases and you need to look at them and apply LOGIC and RESEARCH the facts. The ISRAELI newspaper (a right wing one two) published this:"It is no secret that Arab Israelis face constant discrimination, either open or institutional, in virtually all walks of life. Although they constitute nearly 20% of the population, their representation in many publicly or privately owned corporations, such as the Israel Electric Corporation or Bezeq, is minuscule - and non-existent when it comes to top management. The same can be said with respect to government ministries. Whenever this fact is pointed out, various non-convincing excuses are trotted out..." -The Jerusalem Post July 15, 1999 Now if THEY are willing to say this, that should tell you something. If you look at the facts, the source documents and evidence, you will see that the media has presented a VERY distorted picture of what Israel is about. Now the media is functioning along with what the powerful in this country have dictated the foreign policies are. You really don't hear it reported that the UN votes for decades have been running to such a dramatic was as ALL the countries are voting one way and the US and Israel are alone in covering for racist and unjust policies. The mainstream media never showed a map of the supposed "generous offer" given to Arafat!! The average person doesn't realize what he ISN'T being show. Even though a deal involving land is discussed most people apparently didn't think it was odd that there wasn't a map show of what Israel "generously" offered what we heard was a lie that the media allowed unchallenged the fact is that nowhere near 97% was offered. (let's see the map.) Look what this Israeli human rights group shows:B'Tselem - Publication Summary - Land Grab - B'É This isn't something new. We have a horrible history of injustices. The British thought us hypocrites when we talked about the rights of men when we had SLAVES!! The same extreme of over the top wrongs carried out because of greed can be see in our foreign policies.
Look for God sakes at the CIA web site and tell me what happened to 30 years history? Not to honest about their crimes. But the point is the media plays the role of serving the interests of the powerful. A "free market" is not going to produce a media system that represents the interests of the average America. The interests of Big money are served and they don't want the public to know how corrupt and sick the Israeli system is. Huge amounts of money are in play. You have to have a nonprofit media system that is open to the public wherein the public has a say in the topics covered and where information is not excluded because powerful interests don't want it reported.

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