Saturday, April 26, 2003

<< I'll bet putting mustard on my hot-dog GUARANTEES terrorism, Tom. >>
No it doesn't.

<< So let's cut to the chase and just say anything we Americans do will inspire terrorism. >>
No not "anything". Specifically helping thug like Saddam and the Baath party take over Iraq. Motive? Qassim who was the most popular leader of Iraq and he nationalized part of the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC), the foreign oil consortium that exploited Iraq's oil. So we help oust him and but the Baath party into power. we help get hundreds of people killed by handing their names over to the Baath party.
(this creates hate, bin Laden specifically complained about our support of Saddam) (the fact we put the Baath party into power and that bin Laden hates the fact that we supported Saddam doesn't get reported to the American public because the media serves the interests of powerful groups who prefer this doesn't get reported.
In Iran we overthrew a democratically elected leader in Iran and installed the Shah. Again, this creates hatred because ti is over the top interference with their own country and lives. Again the media plays the game and doesn't do a good job educating the public about this.

You assume that our media system is the most efficient media system since it is "based on capitalism" and that it "naturally" best meets the needs and serves the interests of the American people. The truth is the money that pays these media outlets comes from powerful groups and they want things to serve their interests, not those of the general public.

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