Saturday, April 26, 2003

"President Bush raised the possibility Thursday that any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were destroyed before or during the U.S.-led war, suggesting for the first time that coalition troops may come up empty in their search.",1282,-2602091,00.html

and the Bush followers are going to go along with it. No matter how crazy the "logic" is, the Bush followers follow.

"A senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Bush's remarks were based on information from at least one Iraqi scientist who has led coalition forces to materials used in the production of weapons of mass destruction and who has said some weapons were destroyed before the war, others perhaps afterward. "
keep in mind:
what we know about this Iraqi scientist comes from NYT reporter Judith Miller.

"The deal she made with her sources prevented her from interviewing the scientist or even visiting his home. Her military handlers asked that she not identify the scientist or name the uncovered chemicals, that she hold her story for three days, and that she let the military check it prior to publication. The facts in Miller's Monday story appear to have flowed directly from the mouths of her MET Alpha military sources."

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