Wednesday, April 30, 2003

How about let's deal with it. I quote from ex-CIA director who admits the US
put the Shah h in power in Iran. Notice the CIA deletes 30 years of history
about this! " Known as Persia until 1935, Iran became an Islamic republic in
1979 after the ruling shah was forced into exile.
<< Get over it... >>
that is what the power players in this country want! you go along right with what they want, the media plays this game and you follow like sheep. what the hell do you mean "get over it" what kind of country do you want to have? one that is so dishonest that the CIA ignores 30 years of history? this is done by the way to deceive Americans about what foreign policies really have been about. can you answer a direct question do you think it is OK for the government and the media to deceive the public about what the actions of US foreign policy have been?

The media is never explaining these things to you so apparently that is why you can't see a shameful practice today! You think it is honorable to delete 30 years of history because the actions were so dirty?

The thing you swallow without question, and if you are HONEST you will see that the media does this as well, is that these actions are for the "good of America". Would you wake the hell hep.
Remember Enron (and I don't think that story was reported honestly and completely to the American people)? If you listened to some of the testimony, an Enron executive claimed that what his company was doing was "for the good of Californians". An executive actually tried to sell that BS, but one of or Representatives wasn't buying it. These bastards ALWAYS claim what they are doing is for the public good! You don't know that Enron was ripping Californians off by creating a fake energy crisis. Remember the neo-Cons that insisted that "the liberals" were "crazy" to think Enron conspired to manipulate the energy market to create a fake crisis in order to make themselves money? Did the media make that clear to you? The plans had names like "Death Star" and it was to screw over Americans.

Problem is these guys can get away with anything in foreign affairs if they do ANYTHING in foreign affairs. The public has been trained to think that these acts are for the "public good"

We are supposed to be the government. It is a very sick and unhealthy person that goes through his life in denial living lies. That is what you think is OK was you react to the CIA's lie of omission AND the media's same lie of omitting you actually believe that the media is in an adversarial role to the powerful that control this country? That is very naive.

<< We do what we need to do for THIS country and at the time it needs doing. >>
"We" do? And "we" lie to ourselves about it? We are a people that fought to free ourselves from a king. I can only imagine what the revolutionaries that fought to create our country would think of you who make excuses for installing a king over a foreign peoples. Your attitude is no doubt the product of a media and education that has driven basic principles out of your head that you don't have any sense at all. You act like this is all on the level and you act as if you can't even imagine that "moneyed interests" would ever use their power unjustly!! LOOK at the damn CIA page, it is a clear sign of a very corrupt system. Then look at the subservience of mainstream media, they PLAY ALONG with this lie of omission "get over it"?? it hasn't even been admitted by the elite that control our country, they have effectively continues the lie that our foreign policies have been noble. NO WONDER so many Americans actually believe it, the media keeps feeding them this BS all the time.

<< As times change, so do policies. Or haven't you got that far in school yet? >>
aren't you clever. Look at the school textbooks, how many, if any educate our kids about the fact we overthrew a democratically elected leader and installed a king? How many? You think this kind of deception is healthy for a country? (of course most Americans can't understand these thing, these things have been intentionally withheld from them) You really don't know why the deception is done?
You really don't understand the concept of corruption and greed? Our country was set up with the idea of checks and balances. What check and balance do you possible imagine there is on what these businessmen do in foreign affairs? The Governments doesn't admit it. The media doesn't admit it. The schools don't admit it. How can the people keep these powerful men in check? on top of all that, they get ridiculed (absurdly) that they are "anti-American if they dare point out that the polices are not conforming to what we say our values are.
<< Consider, as an easy example for you, Germany and Japan. >>
you example is what? that it would be OK to undermine democracy and even create countries that have serious problems like Germany and Japan had during the pre WWII period. MY EXAMPLE was not about undoing injustices, it was about our policy makers CREATING THEM.

<< I assume you want that pride?

Answer this: are you proud when you read the CIA page about Iran's history and they can't even mention decades of history?
Are you proud that Enron screwed over Americans? Big Brokers have been caught giving BIASED advice to investors. Motive? Love of America or greed? Who is going to report that Big Media is giving BIASED reporting? Motive? Greed.
Pride isn't a knee-jerk reaction to make an excuse for US policy makers. You pervert the very notion of "patriotism" with this crap:
<< old "draft dodging" professors >>
Bush dodged the draft, deal with it. He didn't want to join the 58,000 Americans that lost their lives over in Vietnam. A war fought AGAINST democracy. (although I am sure that is not the reason Bush didn't want to be in it) what does it say about you that you support a President that is guilty of the exact same thing you claim others are guilty off? Is your who life a lie wrapped within a lie?

<< We are for the USA , not for some 2-bit ass-backward country >>
I am sure you would have been one of those screaming "nigger lover" at those that dared say 200 years ago that slavery was wrong. you need to wake up from the delusion that the "we" you refer to is really for the "USA" the powerful have shown time and again that they are for themselves and that they are willing to deceive the public.

Why not go to you local school board and ask to review the textbooks that they are teaching our kids with. Look and see if they teach the kids that we overthrew a democratically elected leader and installed the Shah.

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