Sunday, April 27, 2003

<< I learned quite a bit on September 11th, watching the soot of 3,000 people fall from the sky like snow. I learned quite alot. >>

You didn't learn anything. Yes, our policy makers have been screwing these people over in the Middle

<< Conjecture. >>

When you write something as off the wall as that, I really have to wonder if you give a damn about the truth.
We imposed Saddam on them for God sakes!!! what more do you need to see wee
support EVIL and do EVIL things (like supporting Saddam whcih finally TODAY
everyone sees as a bad guy)

<< We do not support evil things >>

We supported Saddam AND we supported the mujahdeen!!
When are you going to wake up?

<< We will NOT leave them alone. We will not get out of the Persian Gulf>>

WHY? I thought you were the guy that did care about justice and morality. Now it doesn't mean a damn thing to you?

<< We will not abandon our alliance with Israel >>

WHY? Are you a racist Empire500? Why support a racist country? Why won't we "abandon our alliance with Isreal"?
Do you know the first thing about Israel? I very much doubt it.

<< That is the basis of all this. Bin Laden says get out, so we have to leave? >>

No, not because bin Laden says so, because it I wrong to screw people over the way US policy makers do.

<< They forced war upon us. >>

? What the hell are you talking about? Nearly everyone in the Middle East doesn't want us to manipulate their affairs. The extremists (and you must admit that when the US policy makers throw them BILLIONS of dollars it makes them stronger) have made it clear they don't want us too (in addition to the millions of non-terrorist citizens. bin Laden asked for years and made it clear we were interfering, he got people to follow him because the fact is the wrongs are real and nearly anyone would be angry about them.
*The bottom line is rich and powerful people have put us in harms way because of their greed. You want to tell my how that is not true?

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