Sunday, May 04, 2003

<< Enough of the "It's all America's fault".... >>

American is the biggest force ever. You need to do research becasue the foreign polices are not what you assume.
US foreign polices supported the dictators and undemocratic rulers. US polices even funded the extremists. So stop with your thinkng that just becasue the people that dictate US foreign policies are Americans it "must be good"
we helped put the Baath party into power for God sakes. we gave the names of hundreds of people to Saddam for him to kill.

Many of those in these countries that would have fought for justice and had tried to fight for justice have been killed by US foreign policies.
you complaint is like saying "stop blaming the plantation owners" for the unrest in the Old South!! Slavery lasted for all the time it did becasue people were unwilling to blame those that deserved to be blamed.

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