Thursday, May 22, 2003

<< as long as it was by government authorities and not by civilians. >>

Soseraphic, I can understand why you would refer to terrorism "by government authorities" as if this is the only terrorism Jews are committing. This is the perception the media creates but it is not true. Civilian Jews are committing terrorism as well. Terrorism identical, just as deadly and just as bad as any terrorism you can imagine others (non-Jews) doing.

It must be pointed out that Jews have been practicing civilian terrorism as civilians from even before they imposed the Jewish State on Palestinians. Terrorism ON TOP OF the terrorism carried out by their "IDF". If you read what even one of their Prime Ministers have written you will see that these Zionist Jews thing terrorism has "a great part to play" in them forcing their racist system onto Palestine.

Prime Minister of Israel, commander of the group that assassinated Bernadotte, lauded terror as a moral imperative. "Neither Jewish ethics nor Jewish tradition can disqualify terrorism as a means of combat," he wrote. "First and foremost, terrorism is for us a part of the political battle being conducted under the present circumstances, and it has a great part to our war against the occupier."

Some would have us believe that such thoughts, and the practices that follow from them, were only the province of extremists, and were abandoned with the establishment of the state that the press describes as the "symbol of human decency," "a society in which moral sensitivity is a principle of political life" (New York Times), which has been guided by "high moral purpose...through its tumultuous history" (Time).2 There is an extensive record to undermine such delusions. Stories about Jews carrying out terrorism are suppressed or extremely underreported in the American media.
Most Americans don't hear about the terrorism of Jews who the American media refer to these violators of the Geneva conventions euphemistically as "Jewish settlers."
They have run around with the same hate and the same killings the same intimidation tactics similar to any of the KKK members that have murdered blacks and made the lives of blacks miserable.

Sometimes these "Jewish settlers" even end up killing Jews.

Beita achieved notoriety when a Jewish teenager, Tirza Porat, was killed on April 6 by an Israeli settler, Romam Aldubi, after a confrontation that took place when 20 hikers from the religious-nationalist settlement of Elon Moreh entered the lands of Beita -- "to show who are the masters," as one hiker later told a TV interviewer. Two villagers, Mousa Saleh Bani Shamseh and Hatem Fayez Ahmad al-Jaber (there are conflicting versions of their names), were also killed and several were severely wounded by Aldubi, one of two armed guards accompanying the hikers. Aldubi is a well-known extremist barred from entering Nablus, the only Jew ever subjected to an army exclusion order; the second guard and organizer of the hike, Menahem Ilan, also had a criminal past. A 16-year-old boy, Issam Abdul Halim Mohammad Said, was killed by soldiers the following day.

The hikers claimed that Tirza Porat had been killed by Arab villagers, setting off virtual hysteria in Israel, including a call by two cabinet ministers to destroy the town and deport its population. Within a day, the army had determined that she was killed by Aldubi, then proceeding to blow up 14 houses while Chief of Staff Dan Shomron reported that "the Arab residents had intended no harm to the Elon Moreh hikers" and had indeed protected them. Many people were arrested (60 remained in prison when we visited), and six were later deported. General Shomron declared that "action had to be immediate. A failure to act could well have led to other action in the area," that is, more settler violence. The collective punishment and expulsions are "the expected tribute" paid to control the settlers, Nahum Barnea observes, punishment for their violence being out of the question, because they are Jews

Of the victims of the events in Beita, only the name of Tirza Porat is known, and only the circumstances of her killing merit inquiry and comment. This is only to be expected in the reigning climate both here and in Israel. Who would have heard the name of Intissar al-Atar, a 17-year-old Palestinian girl shot and killed in a schoolyard in Gaza last November 10, or of her killer, Shimon Yifrah of the Jewish settlement of Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip, arrested a month later and released on bail because, the Supreme Court determined, "the offense is not severe enough to order the arrest of the accused, and in this case there is no fear that Yifrah will repeat the offense or escape from his punishment"? The Israeli judge unwilling to punish a Jew for killing just an Arab.
These actions are severe. Imagine a "good old boy" judge that were reluctant to punish whites that killed blacks in the Old South. (The extremism of the judge and the settlers who sang and danced celebrating the judge's decision in the courtroom is perhaps more over the top than the pre-the pre-civil rights South and one would have to look back to the time of Slavery (pre-Civil War) for such despicable attitudes and actions):

The judge noted that the Jewish murderer intended only to shock the girl by firing his gun at her in a schoolyard, not to kill her so "this is not a case of a criminal person who has to be punished, deterred, and taught a lesson by imprisoning him" Yifrah was given a 7 month suspended sentence, while settlers in the courtroom broke out in song and dance.

Nearly all Americans don't hear about Jude Abdallah Awad, a shepherd murdered, and his companion who was severely wounded, when a Jewish settler tried to drive them from a field on May 5, an incident meriting 80 words in the New York Times (and none when the settler was released on bail, charged with manslaughter)? Or Iyad Mohammed Aqel, a 15-year-old boy murdered by Israeli soldiers, his head "beaten to a pulp" according to a witness, after he was dragged from his home in a Gaza refugee camp?

Nahum Barnea ( Koteret Rashit, April 13 ) observes that punishment for violence by Jews is out of the question, because they are Jews.
In American this is the case largely because the media is creating a false impressions about what is happening. Whites who tried to speak out against slavery were demonized and against human rights violations were called "nigger lover" today the underhanded tactics to allow Israeli Jews to continue to get away with murder as just as sick. One might think claims of "anti-White" would look stupid if thrown at people speaking out for equal rights of blacks but notice how often and how effective the claims of "anti-Semite" are thrown at people speaking out for human rights of non-Jews when they are victims of actions by Jews.

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