Saturday, May 24, 2003


You are totally ignorant of history. Blasck did indeed go out and kill whites. They stabbed, shot and clubbed (no they didn't use explosives staped to themselves but so what? there WERE blacks regiliously inspired (just as some Palestinians have been) and there were blacks that killed innocent people (just as some Palestinians have done) You can go on and on about how bad the blacks were that did these killings but to ignore the circumstances is dishonest and ignorant.
You are ignorant of history.

"And by signs in the heavens that it would make known to me when I should commence the great work, and until the first sign appeared I should conceal it from the knowledge of men; and on the appearance of the sign... I should arise and prepare myself and slay my enemies with their own weapons." -Nat Turner

Marching toward Jerusalem
On August 13, 1831 there was an atmospheric disturbance in which the sun appeared bluish-green. This was the final sign, and a week later, on August 21, Turner and six of his men met in the woods to eat a dinner and make their plans. At 2:00 that morning, they set out to the Travis household, where they killed the entire family as they lay sleeping. They continued on, from house to house, killing all of the white people they encountered. Turner's force eventually consisted of more than 40 slaves, most on horseback.
By about mid-day on August 22, Turner decided to march toward Jerusalem, the closest town. By then word of the rebellion had gotten out to the whites; confronted by a group of militia, the rebels scattered, and Turner's force became disorganized. After spending the night near some slave cabins, Turner and his men attempted to attack another house, but were repulsed. Several of the rebels were captured. The remaining force then met the state and federal troops in final skirmish, in which one slave was killed and many escaped, including Turner. In the end, the rebels had stabbed, shot and clubbed at least 55 white people to death.

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