Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Trusted by who? The Iraqis didn't say they only want the US in there and no UN. You are repeated the BS from Bush.
Trusted? And the US can be? The US helped put the Baath party into power in the first place! The US gave names over to Saddam to kill.

Are you the guy that blindly trusts any American businessman? Do you really understand what the top ten well known firms on Wall Street did to the investors? It is foolish to blurt out "liberal conspiracy". The Wall Street firms PROVES they DID CONSPIRE!! Wake up. The facts are right there. ENRON proved that they did conspire as well. They even gave their conspiracies names like "death star" and "get shorty". "Death star" was a plan to screw over the public. We have seen how they are willing to treat fellow Americans,
what do you think these kinds of people are willing to do to foreigners.

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