Friday, May 16, 2003

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I have no doubt that most soldiers think they are doing the right thing. But you need to do research and open your eyes.

RIGHT NOW, American businessmen are violating the rights of Iraqis. RIGHT NOW they are making business deals and dictating policies and making decisions that the PEOPLE OF IRAQ SHOULD BE MAKING.
Not every American soldier is an angel, you didn't hear about the war crimes? (the media doesn't like reporting these thing: can you get that into your head?)
the media is out for profit. A reporter makes sure he keeps his job. These things are done by NOT REPORTING most of the very critical and uncomfortable stories.

But even the ones that do get reported should make you think. Remember the soldiers who were caught trying to steal the millions of dollars in cash? Remember that?
They could not get away with it because they didn't have political power, they were just soldiers.
But the businessmen that have connections have just as much greed as these soldiers caught trying to steal the cash, the difference is they do have the political power to get away with it.

As an example of what a poor job the media does informing the public:
even Microsoft's Bill Gates thought the media would tell him the whole story about suffering and deaths of third world peoples. He was shocked that the media presented such a distorted picture of the world. He did the research, he didn't try to make excuses.

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