Thursday, May 08, 2003

<< there's a lot of thing this country use to do, and don't anymore. >>

true. but it is a very bad sign that the specifics I am pointing out are not admitted publicly.
<< you realize mistakes made and correct them. >>

who is correcting anything? we now see them setting up their hand picked people and setting up their business deals.
We can heard Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and Condoleezza Rice arguing that since blod was spilt, "the US" earned the right to play a leading role in the politics of Iraq!!
(does this sound like people that are doing Iraqis a favour? who argues about having a "right" to do someone a favour? An they are USING BLOOD as an excuse. The people insistinging "no blood for oil" don't look that far of do they, in fact they were right!

"... it seems to me that the administration is on the right track by trying to develop an interim Iraqi authority, which will be developed by Iraqis, themselves, in
close consultation with coalition members who, after all, have shed
their blood and expended their treasure to bring about the liberation
of Iraq." - Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage April 7, 2003

"But as Colin Powell said yesterday, it would only be natural to expect that after having participated and having liberated Iraq with coalition forces, and having given life and blood to liberate Iraq, that the coalition intends to have a leading role. I don't think -- "the" leading role. I don't think anybody is surprised by that." -National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice April 4, 2003

They plan to do exactly what many protested "No Blood For Oil". Look how they shamelessly use the excuse that blood has been spilt so that "earns" them the "right" to dictate the decisions in Iraq. They want to be the ones to select certain companies to control the oil. "it is only natural" for U.S. policy makers to decide polices for the millions of Iraqis because "after all" the "right" to do that was "paid for with blood". These people are sick.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's buddy, Richard Perle, who just happens to sit on the Defense Policy Board, also just happened to get a classified briefing from the top secret Defense Intelligence Agency on crises in North Korea and Iraq last February. Three weeks later "the then-chairman of the board, Richard N. Perle, offered a briefing of his own at an investment seminar on ways to profit from possible conflicts with both countries." write reporters Ken Silverstein and Chuck Neubauer. Synchronicity, or deep conflict of interest? | News

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