Friday, May 16, 2003

what more do you need to know?

<< I don't believe he lied. >>

what?? this isn't a game.
we were not attacked "because we are a beacon of freedom"
do you not see how asinine that reason is? how the hell does that make sense?
we have even seen video of some of the hijackers drinking and watching strippers. they didn't hate our freedoms. they hated
the interference and backing of dictators and kings and unjust governments.
why do you find that so hard to understand?
bin Laden may want a particular kind of government, a government that most in the region would not agree with. But what nearly everyone agrees with is that they don't like a foreign power propping up rulers that they didn't select.
get it?
here is a stat: MOST Saudi Arabians want women in Saudi Arabia to have more rights.
the problem is the Kings don't. we gives the kings the power to stay in power? the U.S.
the people have been trying to resist their rulers for decades. the U.S. has made it impossible for them to change their governments. Moderates have been killed with the help of the U.S. and on top of that the U.S. pumped in BILLIONS of dollars to the most radical elements: those with bin Laden's philosophy. Do you realize the damage U.S. policy makers have done to the societies in the regions?

Did Nat Turner and crew do what they did because they "hated our freedoms" too?
<< Is that what OBL is doing?
what are you talking about? Did you ever look into what this whole thing is about??

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