Wednesday, May 07, 2003

What the hell is the reason for not letting the UN weapons inspectors help???
This has got to be one of the most ridiculously obvious actions of the Bush administration.
How could anyone possibly argue that it is good to leave the UN inspectors out? Supposedly Iraqis get to have democracy. Do you think Iraqis would actually say "no we don't want UN inspectors, we just want the US to search". Who in God's name is so clueless to think that is what the Iraqis want? If you guys actually swallow the idea that this is about the Iraqis liberation, who believes that the Iraqis would actually insist on the US and only the US to search for the supposedly hidden WMD?
Can anyone hear say they buy all this? (after you actually give it some thought.)

It just has to be that people are not even thinking it over.
(and not aware of the other facts)
I know it probably is too much to ask that all of you watch hearings like:
Paul Wolfowitz testifies on NATO & Iraq before a House Appropriations Subcommittee
I actually AGREE. The media is supposed to be looking into things like this and reporting important facts. It is supposed to be a watchdog in the public's interests. The thing far too many people don't understand is that the media is not operating in the public interests, and there is a structural reason for this. There is a conflict of interests. The dominate interests should be the public but it is the ownership and finances that dominate what gets on the news because of the influence of these powerful forces.
The media is serving the interests of rich and powerful corporations that prefer that the American public not know that Iraq is being positioned politically so that corporations can profit off of Iraq. The manipulations of the politics of Iraq are done so that corporations can force market conditions that they prefer regardless of what the Iraqis want. TV news is owned by powerful corporations. You don't think there is a conflict of interests? The TV News didn't tell you about how the US is selecting who gets to "speak for the Iraqis" and that the US will control what happens.
The TV news did not make info AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. If you really did research you can find out about these things but that is not what I am arguing) THE GENERAL PUBLIC MISTAKENLY ASSUME THAT THE NEWS WILL REPORT IN THE PUBLIC GOOD. (And by the way the network broadcasters are OBLIGATED TO, IT IS THE LAW) But he news doesn't serve the interests of the public. They didn't report this to the American people:

Paul Wolfowitz: ...What we're hoping to start with this meeting that's scheduled to take place next week is to have a kind of rolling dialog where Iraqis that we can identify as notables or potential leaders or with distinguished credentials of one sort or another can come together and begin to debate the issues and meet to begin to define what the issues are and not to do it in a single meeting...


Sen. Carl Levin: Who will be organizing the meetings?

Paul Wolfowitz: General Franks is gonna be the host of the meetings ...we're basing it on the various ways in which we have had of identifying people as potential leaders, that includes people we've dealt with for many years. ...

Sen. Carl Levin: If you would supply to the committee the procedures, the description of who is invited to these meetings.

Paul Wolfowitz: I would emphasize, it's a process more than a blueprint.

US policy makers plan to dictate what will happen in Iraq. The Iraqi people are not going to have a true democracy.

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