Wednesday, May 21, 2003

<< We are way beyond reasoning, negotiating, >>

BS. You are a sick twisted guy aren't you?

The powerful in this country make too much money off of screwing over the Middle East. They want to continue. They way they do that is by convincing the public that they aren't screwing over the Middle East. They continue the polices by convincing the public that those that attack us are doing it for "no logical reason" or "because they hate our freedoms"
Those that dare point out the truth and prove it with facts are denounced. They are denounced with the contrived slander of "anti-American," with the same ugly tactics used to keep horrible practices of America's past in practice.
How in God's name did Slavery continue for the years it did in America if we are such an enlightened people. I think because the people that benefited from horrible systems deceived them about the fundamental "way it is." People that dared to speak out against Slavery were attacked. People that dared to speak about equal rights were called "nigger lovers."
Today the ignorant scream "anti-American" in order to avoid dealing with the facts of U.S. foreign policy. They assume that since it is policies in America's name then it must be OK. this was the same thing that kept Millions of Americans from ending Slavery YEARS before the Civil War. Those that dared insist that racist policies against blacks must stop were denounced. How come slavery lasted as long as it did? I don't think Americans were more evil in 1776 then they are today. The thing must have been that the people did not give it enough thought and power was used to shout down and suppress any speech attempting to end the horrible policy. Today that kind of cruelty and greed has been exported. For over 50 years horrible polices have done great harm to human rights and justice. They continue because powerful men can manipulate the public's perception about what is going on. Some people do understand the injustices, many more don't think about it. And that is because of the influence of the media culture that presents the views that those in power want presented.

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