Thursday, May 15, 2003

Because the media has done such a poor job informing the public about the foreign polices, people are clueless as to why people would be angry.

If we take Saddam as an example, nearly EVERYONE agrees he was horrible. the thing the American public need to know is that the anger at America is because of doing things: specifically as one example Putting the Baath party into power and helping Saddam

It is no wonder the general public is so clueless: the media has made them that way.
The public assumes that mainstream media lives up to its obligation of serving the public good. The public is ignorant of the fact that the corporations that control the media are not serving the public good.

I am just listing one example but it is very dramatic. By not reporting that in 1963 AND 1968 the US backed the coups to put the Baath party into power. By not explaining that at the time Saddam was know to be a murderer and that the U.S. handed over names of hundreds of people for the Baath party to kill.

Don't be ignorant. The media is indeed playing games and withholding info. The media's role should include giving context and background info. The problem is that they only tell what they want to. the media made sure to report to the public that the Israeli astronaut on the space shuttle was one of the Israeli pilots that attacked the Nuclear power plant 20 years ago. so we see the media can and does give background info.
the problem is the media is serving powerful people and they want to give the public a distorted view of the world because it benefits them financially to do so.

Not telling the public that the US policy makers put the Baath party into power is a very serious omission the media is making fools out of the public. NO WONDER the public can't understand why people in other countries would be angry, the public is kept in the dark about these horrible crimes.
Then when they here about it, they are so unfamiliar with reality that they get angry and claim these things aren't true. The corporate media has really screwed over the American people. STOP defending a corrupt system. There are powers that profit form keeping facts from the public. Don't be foolish and claim that the 1960's crimes are not newsworthy and are not thing the public should be informed about.

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