Thursday, May 08, 2003

And how did you hear about then? I've been seeing in on the news. >>

didn't you sae "he resigned"? as if the matter was taken care of? again, why are you trying to make excuses for big media?
these are corporations just like the crooked Wall Street firms. what they are doing is hurting the interests of the public and helping themselves.
you kneejerk reaction to try to defend the media must be the result of them constantly telling you how trustworhty they are. you have been influenced so much by their rhetoric that you can' bring yourself to holding them accountable. Steven Biko once said the greatest weapon an oppresor has is the mind of the oppressed.
<< Watched some of the hearings on it last night on C-Span.
good. the problem is the media is not following through on its obligations to serve the public good. we have a right to expect the news to be the news. and not just what they want to tell the people. Try to think about why are you so resistant to holding these companies responsible.

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