Thursday, May 08, 2003

<< Wow, I guess if I have to believe everything just the way you do huh? Sorry, but I don't see things quite the way you do. I think it's you that has a skewed vision of what is happening. Even the Democrats in Washington don't seem to see it the same way as you. >>

no kidding huh? they don't? OF COURCE NOT. what do you mean "even the Democrats"? Both political parties are corrupt.

<< You'd better get busy making phone calls to all the Federal legislaturers to fill them in on this big huge conspiracy! >>

this blows your mind that all these polititians would "play the game" doesn't it? we saw that well known huge firms on Wall Street were all giving false financial advice. 10 big frims, no they didn't have to conspire with one another to decide they were going to be greedy and dishonest.
this happens to be a fact.
now in politics, money and power have influence. you can actually do research and find many of the big companies give money to both the Democrats and the Republicans.

not every single polititian is simply accepting everything without even questioning. look at the questions asked by Sen Levin:
Sen. Carl Levin: ... might be used as a model for the Iraqi interim administration? [asking Wolfowitz if Afghanistan would be a model for Iraq]

Paul Wolfowitz: ...What we're hoping to start with this meeting that's scheduled to take place next week is to have a kind of rolling dialog where Iraqis that we can identify as notables or potential leaders or with distinguished credentials of one sort or another can come together and begin to debate the issues and meet to begin to define what the issues are and not to do it in a single meeting...


Sen. Carl Levin: Who will be organizing the meetings?

Paul Wolfowitz: General Franks is gonna be the host of the meetings ...we're basing it on the various ways in which we have had of identifying people as potential leaders, that includes people we've dealt with for many years. ...

Sen. Carl Levin: If you would supply to the committee the procedures, the description of who is invited to these meetings.

Paul Wolfowitz: I would emphasize, it's a process more than a blueprint.

do you sriously find it hard to believe that businessmen would want to maipulate politics in order to profit from it?
do you seriously find it hard to beleive that people would "play the game" in order to keep their jobs? Others don't want to deal with the work or problems or responsibility that comea with acknowleding these facts.

you even avoided what you didn't want to deal with.
we have a horrible histroy, for you to think that after 50 years of horrible crimes that violate our supposed basic principles, the policy makers what they have been doing is naive. we are a people that fought agaisnst kings and talked about the rights of men. we know, and ex-CIA diretor James Woolsey admits that we overthrew Mossedeg (a democratically elected leader) and installed the Shah (a king)
Now look at the CIA web site and notice that the time period for this is excluded from the summary. we jump over decades from 1935 to 1979. Not to honest are they? the game is still to keep as many Americans as possible from understanding what crimes have been done. That is how these things can continue. people look the other way. You never dirrectly responded to the fact that well known Wall Street companies are guilty of deceiving the investors. you didn't notice how mainstrem media underreported this story? you didn't notice how these guys got a slap on the wrist?

Those that control the well known TV news companies are misleading the public just as those that controlled these well known Wall Street companies.

There are many network executives that share the same kind of deceit and arrogance of those Wall Street executives. An email found by prosecutors, a businessman from Lehman Brothers wrote " Yes, the "little guy" who isn't smart about the nuances may get misled, such is the nature of my business"

and the business of America is business so said an American President (and becasue of this attitude we all suffer)
<< You'd better get busy making phone calls to all the Federal legislaturers to fill them in on this big huge conspiracy! >>

why do you have to be a wize ass? is the idea of this corrption so frightening that you can't deal with it? if Iraqis are to have real democracy they have to be allowed to have real democracy. the US policy makers RIGHT NOW are denying them this and every step that is taken is not a demecratic one but one that is controled by US foreign policy makers. you serious find that "far-fetched" given what has been the last 50 years of actions? come on, you haven't given it enough thought and that is mainly because the reporters don't want to "stick their necks out"
Perhaps you don't know why but you do know that Israel is not well liked in the region. The MAJORITY of the people don't like Israel. doesn't it finally sink in the level of disregard for the democratic rights of the Iraqis when we see powerful men planning a pipeline from Iraq to Israel?!? doesn't it sink in when we send our puppet Chalabi (a convited crook) into Iraq and he talks about the pipleline as if it was a good idea?

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