Saturday, May 24, 2003

How much more evidence do you mindless followers of Empire500 do you need to see? In the video we see Israeli officials acknowledging that the soldiers are Israeli! This Empire500 has some sort of agenda. He is in total denial about the actions of his beloved Israel.

It took years for liberals to beat the idea into your heads that prejudice against blacks is wrong. you guys kept attacking us, calling us names like "nigger lovers" and you guys kept insisting that we didn't understand that you had to treat the "niggers" like this. you guys thought you were doing the right thing! (racists ALWAYS do)
once again you guys get it wrong. ) and AGAIN you insist you are doing the right thing. you are calling Palestinians "vermin" and insisting on ethnic cleansing. you "just love it when the Israeli Army goes shopping"

LOOK in the Mirror you fools. you are putting this country through the same crap you did when you insisted on the "rights of whites" to kill blacks. You guys are following another hateful fanatic calling himself "Empire500". Look how extreme this guy is. He started this thread gloating about Israelis killing people. Even when video evidence of the extremist racist murderous Israelis is presented this jackass tries to pin it on Palestinians.

this is just like the white extremists that could not see whites doing wrong to blacks. (it was always an excuse with these people) these clowns divided our nation, now look at this freak "Empire500" as he writes about putting a bayonet into my liver!
you guys are always pushing the worst onto America. (always with your totally clueless and ignorant mindset)

Is anyone here going to be man enough to admit what they can see with their own eyes?
Is anyone going to be man enough to admit the extreme racism of the Israeli society
you guys are too much.Is there anyone that can READ this Israeli newspaper and DEAL WITH THE FATC: Israeli sosciety is EXTREMELY RACIST:
Survey: Israel yet to grasp concept of democracy
By Mazal Mualem

More than half the Jewish population of Israel - 53 percent - is opposed to full equal rights for Israeli Arabs, according to a survey conducted last month by the Israel Democracy Institute.

The general conclusion of the survey, which is dubbed the "Israeli Democracy Survey" and will be conducted every year, is that Israel is basically a democracy in form more than in substance, and that it has yet to internalize fully the concept of democracy.

so extremely brainwashed that you can't even imagine that Jews can do any wrong!
you have been brainwashed by a media that has sold you this idea by treating Zionists DIFFERENTLY (and you guys are too stuborn and arrogant to do the research to understand the at the media is not telling you basic facts that you can learn in an Isreali newspaper)
"... talk of a Jewish lobby is another one of those dangerous topics, it's dangerous for Jews because it feeds the imaginations of real anti-Semites who believe in a world wide Jewish conspiracy. It's dangerous for those who would discuss Jewish political influence because they risk the charge of anti-Semitism. It's not like when you talk about lobbying organizations for say immigrants or the disabled or the Saudi Government for that matter. History, sensitivity and politics make talk of Israel and its supporters different and alot more complicated. I'm John Donvan for Nightline in Washington." -broadcast 4/17/02 ABC's Nightline
and you guys never get it. So arrogant that you can never educate yourselves out of your ignorance. Even when presented with video proof, this fool refuses to believe it!

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