Friday, May 02, 2003

<< A policy of containment, as the Cuban missile crisis demonstrated, is not to be taken too literally. >>

the Cuban missile crisis is an example of insane policy.
What did you learn about it? Did you learn that we had missiles right on top of them? Did you listen to the Kennedy admitting that he should not have told the public that it was a necessity to get the missiles out of Cuba?
Did you know he risked nuclear war for just appearances instead of admitting to the American public what the situation was? Did you know that the soviets were the ones that got us out of the crisis? did you know the deal involved us removing our missiles from right next to them?
you don't know that the Cuban missile crisis is an example of off the wall bad and dishonest policy?
and most of all, do you have any idea how close we came to a nuclear WWIII? we were one word away from disaster. there needed to be three soviet sub commander's OK's for the ordered missile launch. the third man refused. that is why we are alive today.

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