Sunday, May 25, 2003

Would it be OK to just allow the Palestinians to blow up Jews? >>

You cannot be this stupid. The racist agenda and forced demographics on Palestine was the Zionists idea. They are the ones that pushed it. Jews are blowing up Palestinians too, so you are dishonest to make it like only Palestinians are using terrorism.

Are you seriously going to try to argue that Jews "have to" move over into the West Bank? Continuing to steal land, continuing to oppress and occupy.
are you seriously going to argue that the settlers "have to" move into the territories. that Israelis "have to" continue to possess stolen land behind the green line? that the ethnic cleansing "has to" be continued. (just like a white racists insist he doesn't want to live around blacks)
You are playing a dishonest game that the wrongs the Israelis have done and are doing are some how in response to Palestinian acts. moving families into the West Bank IS NOT A DEFENSE MOVE. IT IS NOT A SECURITY MOVE. It is land theft plain and simple. How stupid do you think people are that you want them to swallow this idea that Jews "have to" move thousands of people into the West Bank. You use the killings as justification for land grabs and that is sick.

You play a stupid game that Palestinians are not reacting to having been slaughtered, ethnically cleansed and oppressed.

<< And to stir hatred and a racial divide. No one would move into Harlem and declare a "White Town", >>
would it be OK? NO. so why do you support Jews doing the same thing in Palestine?

<< Would you have liked it if blacks would have blown up whites, instead of protesting peacefully. >>

You can't get this into your head. Blacks did not only "protest peacefully"
you want to ignore the fact that blacks DID KILL WHITES.
the point you are either too stupid to get or you think you are clever pretending you don't get it is that blacks did resort to terrorism. and the point is it would be wrong to point to those terrorists acts and claim whites "had to" keep slavery going. it would be wrong to claims that whites "had to" keep blacks as second class citizens.

<< So, quit your stupid analogies and come to your senses. >>
the analogy makes perfect Sense you tries to counter it by dishonestly making the insinuation that blacks did not use terrorism.
you want to avoid what the implications are. by your logic the whites should have continues to keep the blacks as slaves or continued to treat them like second class citizens because blacks attacked whites. by logic the oppression would always be justified because it would be "giving in" since blacks had attacked whites.
there have been many, many, many times of peace. the Israelis never do what they are obligated to do.
they have designs on all of Palestine and they reject peaceful plans. It is Israel that still intends on not fulfilling the bare minimum of a just settlement.
One plan could be to ensure everyone in Israel/Palestine equal rights and operate it like a bi-national state. Here is another plan: Israel stops the aggression and the Palestinians and Israelis work to end terrorism. As far as land and people. Israel could either withdraw to the "Green Line" and honor the right of return or Israel could withdraw to the boundaries suggested by the UN partition plan and then compensate the Palestinians to settle in the Palestinians State. That would end the conflict.

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